Along with choosing a unique color, all countertops have a choice of different edges to enhance their look in your home. Some of the more basic edges are free with the purchase of a countertop while other, more ornate ones have a fee per linear foot.

The most basic edge available is called the radius edge. It is basically a square edge with a slight curve called a radius.

Square Edge

Radius Edge

Other, fancier edges include full bullnose, bevel, bullnose, and our most popular option ogee.

Bevel Edge

Bullnose Edge

Because of advanced CNC technology, making different types of edges is not a difficult feat. The most complex edges, however, take a lot longer to fabricate and are therefore more expensive than just the basic ones. A limitation on edges depends on what thickness of granite is being fabricated and for what purpose. Most fancy edges used on 1 1/4" thick kitchen countertops are not as sturdy on 3/4" bathroom vanities where basic edges are usually the best choice.

When choosing your edges, keep in mind that your countertop, vanity, or other granite piece will last for a long time so while it may be a bit more expensive to get a more intricate edge, it will add to the beauty and aesthetic of your home for years to come.

Also keep in mind not only that the thickness of your granite can affect your choices but also that certain edges trap dust and other things that may be around your counter more easily because of the variations in design.

Full Bullnose Edge

Ogee Edge

Waterfall Edge

Cove Edge

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